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Spirit XBR95 Recumbent Bike Review

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How long will the Spirit XBR95 Recumbent last?

The XBR95 Recumbent’s best quality is its strong build. For the most part, the stronger the build the longer the machine will last. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting recumbent bike at a mid-range price, then the XBR95 Recumbent may the bike for you. As always, please be sure to research how to properly maintain a bike as our longevity predictions are made within the scope of a properly maintained bike.

Brief Overview

pirit XBR95 Recumbent Brief Overview If you are in the market for a recumbent bike, the Spirit XBR95 Recumbent bike is a pretty solid option. Compared to other bikes in this price range, this model has a slightly stronger build and a better warranty while still offering some technology. The only reason why we haven’t ranked the Spirit XBR95 Recumbent higher, though, is because the price is a little steep for what you get. But for the most part Spirit has created a solid recumbent bike. Accordingly, we have named the Spirit XBR95 Recumbent our 2020 Third Place Best Buy bike for the $1,000 to $1,499 dollar category.

Overall Quality

Recumbent bikes can benefit users who want to maintain good circulation or simply do not need a super intense, body-toning workout. Accordingly, these users might not even use their bikes as rough as other users that might use a different style of bike. If you are someone who would benefit from a recumbent, then the XBR95 Recumbent might be a good option. Though we are slightly concerned about the price.

But let’s start with the good things first. For starters, even though the XBR95 Recumbent is a recumbent bike, it can contend with the other exercise bikes in this category. Since recumbent bikes are usually intended for light exercise, companies will usually put more into the technology or the seat comfort. Spirit decided to make a more versatile recumbent bike that may be suitable for a wide range of users by spending more of their budget on the XBR95 Recumbent’s build. Spirit included a thirty-pound flywheel which is heavier than our other top four bikes in this price range. Spirit gave the XBR95 Recumbent forty levels of resistance, which is also more than our other top four bikes for this price. Additionally, Spirit is a pretty decent company in terms of customer service which means that the XBR95 Recumbent not only has a better warranty than other bikes in this price, but also a better warranty since it is backed by a better company.

Still, we have our drawbacks with the XBR95 Recumbent. Comparatively, this model does not offer the most valuable technology and yet Spirit is still charging a pretty price tag. You may place high value on a bike’s build, though. If you do value build highly, then you may not mind paying $1,500 for the XBR95 Recumbent. But, all things being equal for review purposes, there are other bikes on the market that offer a more well-rounded bike.

Things we like

  • Heavier Flywheel
  • 40 Resistance Levels
  • Better Warranty

Things we dislike

  • X
    Big Price Tag
  • X
    Not the Best Value


Number of Programs 12
Flywheel 30 lbs
Drive System N/A
Resistance 40
Seat N/A
Heart Rate Sensor and Type EKG Grip Monitors
Transport Wheels Yes
Foot Print 57 x 30 x 50
Weight Capacity 350
Weight of Unit 147
Warranty Lifetime Frame and Brake, 10yr parts, 1yr Labor


This is the first year we have reviewed the XBR95 Recumbent. Please feel free to check out our other Spirit bike reviews to get a good feel of Spirit’s product line.


When you look at the XBR95 Recumbent compared to other recumbent bikes, you can see that Spirit is offering a strong, versatile, and somewhat affordable option. But, when you compare this model to other bikes in this price range, you can see that the XBR95 Recumbent is not the best value for the price. Therefore, we have placed the Spirit XBR95 Recumbent in our Third Place 2020 Best Buy slot for the $1,000 to $1,499 dollar range.

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